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INDIANA: Tell Sen. Donnelly, No Compromise on GMO Labeling!

Dear Supporter,

Your Senator, Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.), who has accepted tens of thousands of dollars from agribusiness and animal drug companies like Indiana-based Eli Lilly, told Hoosier Ag Today, that he supports a Senate bill that would preempt mandatory GMO labeling laws.

Why should you be so concerned about this? Donnelly is on the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee, which tomorrow will consider a bill introduced by Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) that would preempt mandatory labeling laws and establish a voluntary federal labeling scheme.

CALL TODAY! Please call Sen. Joe Donnelly at (202) 224-4814! Ask him to reject Sen. Robert’s DARK Act and also to oppose any compromise that would block or delay Vermont’s GMO labeling law. Tell him that the GMA’s SmartLabels are an unacceptable replacement for the on-package GMO labels that consumers need to make informed decisions.

Roberts, chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee, has introduced a Senate version of the DARK Act, the bill the House of Representatives passed that would Deny Americans the Right to Know.

Roberts’ bill isn’t likely to pass, because it doesn’t have enough Democratic support. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a threat.

If we’re going to stop the DARK Act and the Monsanto-approved SmartLabel scam, we need Donnelly on our side. And we know that phone calls work better than emails, so please call him today at 202-224-4814!

Indiana voters overwhelmingly support mandatory labels on foods made with GMOs. The most recent poll found 83 percent of Indiana residents in support of GMO labels. A majority (85 percent) of these supporters said they believed that a label requirement was “very” or “somewhat important.”

That means Donnelly’s opinion on mandatory labeling is at odds with the majority of Indiana voters. Why would Donnelly vote against his constituents? It could have something to do with the $202.5K in donations that he’s accepted from agribusiness.

For far this year, Donnelly has received:

• $32,391 from Land O’ Lakes, whose subsidiary, Forage Genetics, partnered with Monsanto to bring us GMO alfalfa.
• $26,662 from Eli Lilly, owner of rBGH (Posilac), the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone developed by Monsanto to force dairy cows to over-produce milk.
• $15,000 from American Crystal Sugar, the number-one processor of Monsanto’s GMO sugar beets.
• $12,000 from Coca-Cola, which has spent $14,350,000 lobbying Congress to block GMO labels over the last two years (not counting campaign donations). Coca-Cola has also funded the campaigns against state initiatives to label GMOs. Washington State is currently prosecuting the Grocery Manufacturers Association for illegally concealing the sources of $11 million in contributions to oppose Initiative 522. Because of the State’s lawsuit, we now know that Coca-Cola used the GMA to hide more than $1 million.

We’ve got to remind Donnelly that he works for Indiana voters, not the corporations. How do we do that? With phone calls!

Please call Sen. Donnelly at 202-224-4814 today. Ask him to reject Sen. Robert’s DARK Act but also ask him to oppose any “compromise” that would block or delay Vermont’s GMO labeling law.

- Alexis for the OCA team


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