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Too Much Monsanto in the Corn Creates Issues in the Brain? Don’t Let Trump Deregulate GMOs!

red question mark over a corn fieldIn 2016, when polls predicted he would lose the Iowa primary, Trump insulted Iowa voters when he tweeted: “Too much #Monsanto in the #corn creates issues in the brain?” But don’t be confused by Trump’s tweets. And ignore the fake news that Melania Trump has banned Monsanto from the White House.

These distractions hide the real news: The Trump Administration has just announced a new GMO deregulation scheme, and it’s the most audacious effort to force dangerous, experimental “foods” onto the market since genetically modified organisms (GMOs) were first introduced in the 1990s.

Sign this petition by MIDNIGHT JUNE 19: Don’t let Trump deregulate GMOs! Add a personal comment to increase your impact.

Under Trump’s new GMO deregulation plan, there would still be no safety testing or meaningful labeling of GMOs. There would still be nothing to protect organic and non-GMO crops from contamination—which isn’t all that different than what we got from Obama and every president going back to George H.W. Bush.

Fact is, every single GMO that’s ever been submitted to U.S. regulators has been approved! From the first GMO, Monsanto’s genetically engineered growth hormone rBGH that makes cows over-produce milk, to the latest gene-edited apples, potatoes and mushrooms, Americans eat a lot of GMOs that are banned in many other countries.

What makes Trump’s new scheme (a giant gift to Monsanto and Dow Chemical) unique is that it takes deregulation to a whole new level. Trump wants the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to:

•    Exclude from the definition of “genetically engineered organism” vast categories of new GMOs produced through techniques like CRISPR, which involve genetic modifications that can be obtained through mutagenesis, marker-assisted breeding, tissue culture or protoplast, cell or embryo fusion, or where the offspring of an engineered organism do not contain the genetic modification.
•    Relax permitting requirements that let us know when and where crazy new GMO experiments are happening.
•    Gut the already weak approval process where the USDA rubber stamps Monsanto and Dow’s own “science” so that, for most GMOs, the companies won’t have to submit any data at all.
•    End oversight of most “biofactories,” GMOs that are engineered to produce pharmaceuticals or industrial chemicals, despite their unique dangers.

If Trump’s proposed regulations are finalized, they won’t just change the way GMOs are treated by the government, they will cripple our capacity to launch marketplace campaigns to keep new GMOs out of the food supply. Why? Two reasons:

•    We’ll know a lot less about new GMOs in the pipeline and where they’re being tested.
•    It will be much harder to prevent or even catch contamination.

Trump’s proposal would take us from unlabeled and untested GMOs to under-the-radar GMOs. If that happens, the line between GMO and normal food will be blurred so badly that even keeping GMOs out of organic food will become more difficult.

We can’t let this happen.

TAKE ACTION BY MIDNIGHT JUNE 19: Don’t let Trump deregulate GMOs! Add a personal comment to increase your impact.

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10843 3 days ago Anonymous I’m writing to oppose proposed rules that would further deregulate genetically modified organisms. 
10842 3 days ago Carlos Echevarria
10841 3 days ago Rachel Young
10840 4 days ago Julie Ostoich
10839 4 days ago Crystal Bryant
10838 4 days ago Elizabeth Mullen
10837 5 days ago Mike Weltman
10836 5 days ago Ruth Bushey
10835 5 days ago Anonymous I can't even put into words how totally unconscionable this evil administration is in it's savage abuse of the environment & the innocent people who inhabit it. Mr. Trump will NEVER be my president ...
10834 6 days ago L & B Schober
10832 6 days ago Anonymous
10831 6 days ago Amy Wise
10830 1 week ago John Kraemer You have a sworn duty to protect the people of the US. Do it!
10829 1 week ago Anonymous
10828 1 week ago Esther Wolk
10827 1 week ago Richard Pecha
10826 1 week ago Christina Berry
10825 1 week ago Joseph Baird Miltich
10824 1 week ago Christy James This is an area where "capitalism" needs strict regulation and oversight! Our very health and futures depend on it!
10823 1 week ago Christina Fisher
10822 1 week ago Anonymous GMO's have to go..more regulation not less..Monsanto Bayer are the evil empire
10821 1 week ago Kelleen Farrell
10820 1 week ago Patty Haley
10819 1 week ago Lisa Bonner Please stop killing Americans with monster food you would not feed to your family.
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