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Tell These Grocery Stores: No GMO Apples, Please!

GMO apple 1000x523The GMO Arctic Apple is headed to grocery stores for a trial run. (They’re being tested in the Midwest—if you’re a Midwesterner, please read this). The apples will supposedly bear a label identifying the brand (Arctic). But they won't have a label that says "GMO." You can thank Congress and its DARK Act, for that.

Who stands to benefit from the GMO apple? Not consumers like you. Definitely not apple growers, who have been opposing this apple all along. The only benefits will go to Intrexon, the synthetic biology company that owns the GMO salmon, the GMO mosquito and the GMO apple.

You can still disrupt the market for these apples and keep them off our plates and out of our environment. But we need you to act now during this trial run in grocery stores.

Please sign the petition: Tell grocery stores to commit to keeping GMO apples off their shelves. We'll deliver the petition to the CEOs of Costco, Albertsons, Safeway, Target and Walmart.

The first GMO apple, known as the “Arctic Apple ®,” is genetically engineered to not turn brown when cut. But there are natural ways to achieve the same result. For instance, browning can be prevented with lemon juice or another source of vitamin C.

The GMO Arctic Apple is completely unnecessary.  And the risks aren’t worth it. The apples may look deceptively fresh when they are not. Farmers growing the Arctic Apple may have to increase their pesticide use—and conventional apples already have some of the highest levels of toxic pesticide residues of any fruit. 

What’s more, the GMO apple uses an experimental, unregulated technique called RNA interference. Many scientists are concerned that this process may have negative unintended impacts on human health and the environment. We do not need more risky technologies in our food system!

Thanks to consumers who have already spoken out, some of the biggest purchasers of apples—McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Gerber—have committed not to sell GMO apples. Intrexon, the company that makes the apples, is desperate to find companies to buy them. So it’s hoping grocery stores will carry them.

Please sign the petition: Tell grocery stores to commit to keeping GMO apples off their shelves.

Intrexon knows consumers don’t want to eat its GMO apples. So it’s trying to hide which stores it’s releasing them in. And it’s not labeling them. Now that the GMO apples are sneaking into grocery stores, we need to send a strong signal to the market.

Thank you!

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20634 5 days ago Anonymous , US Leave our food alone, label GMO so we can avoid it!!
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20624 2 weeks ago vicki takacs , US Quit carrying these poisonous foods!
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20621 3 weeks ago Anonymous , US NO GMO APPLES PLEASE!
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20619 3 weeks ago Anonymous , US Please stop selling gmo apples! It is Wring!
20618 4 weeks ago Cynthia Ward , US
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20614 4 weeks ago Timothy Williams , US NO GMO! NO GMO!! NO GMO!!! NO GMO APPLES, FOODS, DRINKS, SNACKS, VEGGIES...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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