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WISCONSIN: Tell Gov. Walker and DNR - Climate Change is Real!

While leading scientists are warning us that the climate is heating up so fast it could be “game over,” the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WI DNR) has quietly removed from its website references to climate change science.

Tell Gov. Walker and the Wis. DNR: There’s no debate! Climate change science is legit! Fill in the form on this page to send your message.

Then follow up your message with phone calls, post on their Facebook pages and share this tweet:

TAKE ACTION! WISCONSIN: Tell @GovWalker and @WDNR - There's no debate! Climate change is Real! #ClimateChange #RegenerativeAg

Gov. Scott Walker: 608-266-1212, Facebook page; James Dick (WI DNR): 608-267-2773, Facebook page

Until last month, a DNR webpage titled “Climate Change and Wisconsin’s Great Lakes,” named an increase in greenhouse gases due to human activity as the cause of climate change.

Now the same webpage titled “The Great Lakes and a changing world,” claims that the reasons for and effects of, climate change are “being debated.”

Is this move by Gov. Walker and the WI DNR  a template for what’s to come under president-elect Trump’s administration?

It’s not hard to imagine. Trump has said he will pull the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Treaty. And he’s nominated a slew of fossil-fuel-friendly candidates for cabinet positions.

We know that our energy- and chemical-intensive factory farming systems are literally cooking the planet. And now leading scientists say that may be happening faster than we thought.

The good news is that we’ve got shovel-ready regenerative farming solutions that can draw down carbon and sequester it in our soils and forests. But these solutions will only work if we can get the public and our elected officials to read the science and join the movement.

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