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Tell the Owner of Olive Garden and Longhorn Steakhouse: Serve Good Food!

 When we think “bad” food—unhealthy food produced at the expense of the environment, animal welfare and exploited employees—we often think first of fast food chains.

As it turns out, casual dining restaurant chains operating under brand names like Olive Garden and Longhorn Steakhouse are among the worst offenders when it comes to serving up bad food.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Darden Restaurants, Owner of Olive Garden and Longhorn Steakhouse: Serve Good Food!

Please fill in the form on this page or text 'Darden' to 97779 to sign our petition to Darden CEO Eugene Lee Jr.

Darden Restaurants, Inc. (NYSE: DRI), owns and operates more than 1,500 restaurants that generate over $6.8 billion in annual sales. In addition to Olive Garden and Longhorn Steakhouse, Darden’s owns Bahama Breeze, Seasons 52, The Capital Grille, Eddie V’s and the Yard House.

Darden’s boasts to its investors that the company sells 350 million meals a year that create “many lasting memories for our guests.” The company also touts what it calls its commitment to “People, Planet & Plate.”

This means our commitment to provide our guests with nutritious, high-quality and responsibly-sourced food, to support and develop our team members and to give back to our communities and protect the natural environment. 

Nice words. But they aren’t true.

Darden’s actually operates a food supply chain that buys into the very worst of our broken industrial factory farming system. The company sources meat and dairy products from CAFOs (Confined Animal Feeding Operations), where animals are fed GMO feed, antibiotics and growth hormones, and treated inhumanely. The company also has a long record of harsh and sometimes illegal treatment of its 150,000 workers.

And let’s be clear. Highly processed foods, and food produced with pesticides, antibiotics and growth hormones, aren’t healthy.

Led by Friends of the Earth, OCA and more than 50 other environmental, health, animal welfare, consumer, food and worker organizations have signed a letter to Darden CEO Eugene Lee Jr. asking the company to adopt food purchasing policies in line with the Good Food Now Campaign. Initiated by the Los Angeles Food Policy Council, the campaign unites the food, environmental and labor movements to pressure restaurants to source from producers that focus on organic and environmentally friendly farming practices, promote animal welfare, adopt a healthier menu and provide fair and sustainable working conditions for their employees.

Darden’s initial response to our letter? More empty rhetoric. Which prompted Friends of the Earth, Center for Biological Diversity, Animal Welfare Institute and others to reiterate our request for Darden’s to clean up its act:

In your response, you rightly acknowledged that Darden’s customers care deeply about where their food comes from, and how it is produced, yet failed to acknowledge or respond directly to the key issues we raised in the letter addressing those very questions. We are familiar with Darden’s 2014 Citizenship Report and “People, Planet & Plate” commitment, and it is clear there is a major gulf between your company’s rhetoric on strong animal and social welfare, workers’ rights and environmental protection, and the actual impacts of its food sourcing and labor management practices. 

Darden’s customers and our supporters will not be satisfied with unsubstantiated rhetoric or misguided priorities. To be a true leader, Darden must make public specific goals and benchmarks with respect to its employment practices and food sourcing criteria and impacts, particularly around its animal protein offerings.

Will Darden’s do the right thing? 

TAKE ACTION: Tell Darden Restaurants, Owner of Olive Garden and Longhorn Steakhouse: Serve Good Food!

Please fill in the form on this page or text 'Darden' to 97779 to sign our petition to Darden CEO Eugene Lee Jr.


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4162 1 month ago Marvin Felder CANDLER, NC Wouldn't give u the opportunity to seat me cause when came too front there was couple with a dog non service ... Think dogs don't belong in restaurant!!! Will never try too eat there again!
4161 1 month ago Kaitlin Davis FL
4160 4 months ago Hanna Madler South Windsor, CT
4159 4 months ago Jannemieke de Groot Weelde, ot
4158 5 months ago Deborah Hanley Brewster, NY
4157 6 months ago mary cellucci BROOMALL, PA
4156 6 months ago amy swafford SC
4155 6 months ago Glen Freeman vancouver, WA I very deeply abhor factory farming, support animal welfare, local economies, enviormental sustainablility and nutrition which comes with them all.
4154 8 months ago Roslin Faircrest Port Coquitlam, BC
4153 8 months ago Anonymous ID
4152 8 months ago Tracey Ferguson Winnipeg, MB
4151 8 months ago Edward Jepson Knoxville, TN This is so disappointing. We've been regular patrons of both of these residents. Now that will end.
4150 8 months ago David Williams Santa Cruz, CA
4149 8 months ago RUTH CLARK LECANTO, FL
4148 9 months ago David Johnson winnipeg, MB
4147 9 months ago Lynne Wolfe Colmesneil, TX
4146 9 months ago elizabeth swygart ridgeville, SC I will not patronize any establishment that doesn't care about its products, employees or me. Until you become responsible, goodbye.
4145 9 months ago VIVIAN SCIBILIA gilroy, CA This meat is nasty and the animals are treated inhumanely & fed with GMO feed. We KNOW what that means & we CARE about CLEAN FOOD...shame on you for pretending to care...about ANIMALS & your patron...
4144 9 months ago Pamela Engler Freeland, WA
4143 9 months ago Jessica Schneck Wayne, PA
4142 9 months ago Jana Cole Redding, CA
4141 10 months ago Anonymous LA
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4138 10 months ago Carol Hardin sa, NM
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