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Tell the EPA: Don’t Re-Up Roundup!

Glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, is probably causing cancer in humans. That’s according to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) panel of cancer experts, which published its latest review of the cancer risks of glyphosate in March 2015.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) should defer to WHO, but instead it is bowing to pressure from Monsanto. In May 2016, the EPA published its own finding, based largely on unpublished, industry-funded studies, that glyphosate is “Not Likely to be Carcinogenic to Humans.” This means that the EPA, which is conducting its once-every-15-year review of the herbicide, will likely choose to re-up Roundup.

TAKE ACTION! Tell the EPA: Don’t re-up Roundup! Please add your own comments, especially if you or your family members have been sickened from exposure to glyphosate.

Sometimes, dangerous pesticides get banned in the U.S., only to continue to be used in other countries with weaker safety standards. With Roundup, the U.S. could end up being the world’s toxic dump, if we don’t make our voices heard at the EPA.

France and Germany are getting rid of glyphosate formulations that are particularly dangerous after the European Food Safety Agency found that glyphosate formulations in combination with other chemicals have greater potential health risks than glyphosate on its own.

Sri Lanka is banning imports of glyphosate due to the herbicide’s role in the country’s increasing number of chronic kidney disease (CKDu) cases.

The Dutch parliament voted to oppose the European Union’s renewal of glyphosate’s permit and has banned its non-commercial use.

In Brazil, the world’s largest user of pesticides, the Federal Public Prosecutor has asked for a ban on glyphosate.

Click here for the Pesticide Action Network-UK’s list of places in the world, including U.S. cities, that have taken action to restrict the use of glyphosate, as of December 2015.

TAKE ACTION! Tell the EPA: Don’t Re-Up Roundup!

Updated On: May 3, 2016

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103087 4 days ago Trisha Owen Please stop poisoning our environment, our food source and our families. We want the freedom to choose what goes onto our bodies! 70% of food like products sold as food in our grocery stores contain...
103086 4 weeks ago Lynn Yarbrough
103085 1 month ago Anonymous Stop poisoning us !!!!!! stop misleading scientific studies just to make more money ....
103084 1 month ago Anonymous ANYONE supporting products such as this should be made to drink it! It has wrought bad health and killed many, all in the name of profits before people. The next few elections will be stopping the e...
103083 1 month ago Dawn McKenzie
103082 1 month ago Joan Rosenbaum I am old, but I look at children playing on lovely grass lawns and know their parents have no clue because we are not being protected by those who should be stepping up to this monster.
103081 1 month ago Enid Cardinal
103080 1 month ago Andy Osborne Please BAN BAN BAN
103079 1 month ago sarah owensby profit for poisoning of people and animals by poisoning our food supply must be stopped and no merger between monsanto and bayer
103078 1 month ago Jennie Thompson
103077 1 month ago Anonymous End Monsanto’s.. it causes nerve pain in my body and rash... I want To create a class action lawsuit for Assault with Intent to do bodily injury!! Every other country banning
103076 1 month ago Jennie Thompson
103075 2 months ago Anonymous
103074 3 months ago Camille Williams
103073 4 months ago erin yarrobino
103072 4 months ago Anonymous I was exposed to Agent Orange (Glyphosphate) in Vietnam and now am dying of AO Poisoning. I have Congestive Heart Failure, Type II Diabetes, and Peripheral Neuropathy in all 4 extremities. P...
103071 5 months ago Raymond Gaines I am concerned that roundup is killing
digestive flora causing stomach problems.
103070 5 months ago marion bartsch
103069 6 months ago Grace Jang I am so upset that i have been feeding my family a poison with GMO foods who is using Glyphosate.
103068 6 months ago SHIRLEY 'HUGDAHL #1 killer monsanto. any chemical that kills something- anything spins into a mass poisoning right up the food ladder. and WE count right at the top after cockroaches.
103067 6 months ago Anonymous Roundup is a cancer causing poison. Continuing to cover for Monsatan makes you an accomplice to crimes against humanity, please do the right thing
103066 7 months ago James Dowda Please do not allow Roundup to continue.
103065 7 months ago Kimberly Mathews
103064 7 months ago letizia balsamo
103063 7 months ago Anonymous Please no more!
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