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Tell the EPA: Don’t Re-Up Roundup!

Glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, is probably causing cancer in humans. That’s according to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) panel of cancer experts, which published its latest review of the cancer risks of glyphosate in March 2015.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) should defer to WHO, but instead it is bowing to pressure from Monsanto. On Friday, the EPA published its own finding, based largely on unpublished, industry-funded studies, that glyphosate is “Not Likely to be Carcinogenic to Humans.” This means that the EPA, which is conducting its once-every-15-year review of the herbicide, will likely choose to re-up Roundup.

TAKE ACTION! Tell the EPA: Don’t re-up Roundup! Please add your own comments, especially if you or your family members have been sickened from exposure to glyphosate.

Sometimes, dangerous pesticides get banned in the U.S., only to continue to be used in other countries with weaker safety standards. With Roundup, the U.S. could end up being the world’s toxic dump, if we don’t make our voices heard at the EPA.

France and Germany are getting rid of glyphosate formulations that are particularly dangerous after the European Food Safety Agency found that glyphosate formulations in combination with other chemicals have greater potential health risks than glyphosate on its own.

Sri Lanka is banning imports of glyphosate due to the herbicide’s role in the country’s increasing number of chronic kidney disease (CKDu) cases.

The Dutch parliament voted to oppose the European Union’s renewal of glyphosate’s permit and has banned its non-commercial use.

In Brazil, the world’s largest user of pesticides, the Federal Public Prosecutor has asked for a ban on glyphosate.

Click here for the Pesticide Action Network-UK’s list of places in the world, including U.S. cities, that have taken action to restrict the use of glyphosate, as of December 2015.

TAKE ACTION! Tell the EPA: Don’t Re-Up Roundup!

Updated On: May 3, 2016

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119900 1 day ago Jen Manders
119899 4 days ago Miranda Fisher
119898 4 days ago Sharon Bush Ban these carcinogens! Why is the rest of the world smarter than America???????
119897 5 days ago Francis Bailey My dog is very sick went to the vet My dog is getting shots. His vet has never worked with poison from roundup. Please help if some one knows anything.
119896 7 days ago Anonymous
119895 1 week ago Anonymous
119894 1 week ago Louisa Pierson Don't re-up Roundup! It is very dangerous.
119893 1 week ago Anonymous Monsanto's economic power is above the well-being of every living creature on this planet. So long as money and power is more important than our health (incl.all creatures on this earth), Mo...
119892 1 week ago Anonymous I have grave concerns about this product; outlawed in other countries but not in USA!!
119891 3 weeks ago Rena Woss Don't allow Bees/ pollinators to be killed by Monsanto / Bayer and chemical companies that fill the marketplace with dangerous toxins like Glyphosate (Roundup). Put Nature First.
119890 3 weeks ago Ihate bigGMOCompany The madness and greed has to stop... were all becoming so sick due to big company greed....Im so disgusted by what this world has come down to... make us all full of chemicals for profit.
119889 4 weeks ago Anonymous
119888 4 weeks ago Rose Hansen Stop, Stop, Stop killing our environment and us People and Animals.
119887 1 month ago Mary Whitehead
119886 1 month ago adena trevan I am writing in response to roundup causing cancer in humans. My mom has used for the past 25 years and is now battling lung cancer. they call it adenocarcinoma because they do not know the origin o...
119885 1 month ago Hanna Madler
119884 1 month ago Hanna Madler
119883 1 month ago Anonymous
119882 1 month ago Anonymous bayer/Monsanto genocide incorperated
119881 1 month ago Anonymous a crime against everything and everyone
119880 1 month ago Anonymous ban monsanto
119879 1 month ago Joanne Horn
119878 1 month ago Dr Schwartz, MD
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