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Act by January 17 to Stop Trump’s Attack on Organic’s Animal Welfare Rules!

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chicks in cagesIf Trump’s U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) gets its way, organic egg producers won’t have to follow updated animal welfare rules—rules that the industry fought for, and that consumers overwhelmingly support.

TAKE ACTION BY MIDNIGHT JANUARY 17: Stop Trump’s Attack on Organic’s Animal Welfare Rules!

Trump’s USDA is ditching the Organic Livestock Poultry Practices (OLPP) rule, finalized in December 2017, that would have given organic egg-laying hens more space and access to the outdoors.

Even worse, USDA officials are justifying the move, saying that the National Organic Program (NOP) doesn’t have the power to address “stand-alone animal welfare concerns.”

Organic without animal welfare? Clearly that’s not what consumers want or expect.

Trump’s USDA is violating the law by deleting a rule that is the result of 14 years of discussions, recommendations and public comments in a forum, the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB), that Congress set up to guide the creation of organic standards.

Why would the USDA get rid of this law? To accommodate “Big Organic” egg producers who want to reap higher profits by cutting their production costs but while still charging a premium for their eggs—a behavior that cheats consumers and puts smaller organic egg producers at a disadvantage in the marketplace.

At least Trump’s USDA is doing one thing right. USDA officials know they can’t delete the OLPP rule without giving the public an opportunity to comment first. So make sure to have your say!

TAKE ACTION BY MIDNIGHT JANUARY 17: Stop Trump’s Attack on Organic’s Animal Welfare Rules!


Alexis, on behalf of the OCA team

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