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Thank-or-Spank? Monsanto Wins 1st Senate Vote on Roberts-Stabenow DARK Act!

Dear [[First_Name]],

On June 29, Monsanto scored a preliminary victory, winning a Senate “test vote” on a bill known as the DARK Act that Senate Agriculture Committee Chair Pat Roberts (R-Kansas) and Ranking Member Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) introduced to Deny Americans the Right to Know about GMOs.

TAKE ACTION: Call your Senators at 888-897-0174 to tell them what you think of their votes! Calls are the fastest, and most effective way to get your message through to Congress.

Scroll down for the vote count. There were 68 “yeas” and 29 “nays”. We’ve also included the amount of money each Senator has received from agribusiness. The average agribusiness contribution for “yes” voters ($867,518) is two-and-a-half times more than the average for "no" voters ($350,877).

Thank your Senators who voted “No”. “Spank” your Senators who voted “Yes”. Call 888-897-0174.

Here are some talking points you can use when you call:

“The Roberts-Stabenow GMO labeling bill would kill the Vermont law that labels GMO foods as “produced with genetic engineering.” Vermont's law is working. GMOs are being labeled. Food prices are staying the same. The labels are being used nationwide. The Roberts-Stabenow bill wouldn't require words on the package. It exempts nearly all GMOs from labeling. It would take at least 2 years to take effect. And, it’s essentially voluntary because there would be no enforcement for non-compliance.”

NO Votes
Total: $10,175,439 Average: $350,877

Blumenthal D-CTNO$43,033
Booker D-NJNO                       $215,250
Boxer D-CANO                        $517,498
Cantwell D-WANO                        $273,246
Cardin D-MDNO                        $230,103
Gillibrand D-NYNO                        $627,514
Heinrich D-NMNO                        $128,927
Hirono D-HINO                        $108,150
Kaine D-VANO                        $140,825
Leahy D-VTNO                        $356,995
Markey D-MANO                        $118,144
Menendez D-NJNO                        $647,774
Merkley D-ORNO                        $222,442
Mikulski D-MDNO                        $255,439
Murkowski R-AKNO                        $463,144
Murphy D-CTNO                        $132,650
Murray D-WANO                        $667,307
Paul R-KYNO                        $416,761
Reed D-RINO                        $110,550
Reid D-NVNO                        $691,398
Sanders I-VTNO                       $750,242
Schatz D-HINO                        $88,750
Schumer D-NYNO                      $814,930
Sullivan R-AK  NO                        $157,541
Tester D-MT  NO                        $476,153
Udall D-NMNO                        $338,055
Warren D-MANO                        $91,243
Whitehouse D-RINO                        $98,408
Wyden D-ORNO


TOTAL: $10,175,439                                       AVERAGE: $350,877

YES Votes
Total: $58,991,192  Average: $867,518

Alexander R-TN YES                           $980,283
Ayotte R-NH YES $235,956
Baldwin D-WI YES $160,709
Barrasso R-WY YES $207,250
Bennet D-CO YES $473,397
Blunt R-MO YES $2,069,365 
Boozman R-AR YES  $646,471    
Brown D-OH YES $379,952
Burr R-NC YES $1,933,705 
Capito R-WV YES $456,720  
Carper D-DE YES  $203,662
Casey D-PA YES $405,550
Cassidy R-LA YES $504,933
Coats R-IN YES $527,927
Cochran R-MS YES $2,333,394
Collins R-ME YES $596,291
Coons D-DE YES  $86,858
Corker R-TN YES  $664,527    
Cornyn R-TX YES $1,688,149    
Cotton R-AR YES $508,940    
Crapo R-ID YES $1,170,466
Cruz R-TX YES $1,647,662
Daines R-MT YES $596,781    
Donnelly D-IN YES  $363,199    
Enzi R-WY YES $350,502    
Ernst R-IA YES  $256,998  
Feinstein D-CA YES  $1,645,599    
Fischer R-NE YES $536,262    
Flake R-AZ YES $535,102    
Franken D-MN YES  $286,547    
Gardner R-CO YES   $946,349  
Graham R-SC YES  $1,131,590    
Grassley R-IA YES $1,929,489  
Hatch R-UT YES $725,633 
Heitkamp D-ND YES $236,975    
Heller R-NV YES  $258,140    
Hoeven R-ND YES $405,020    
Inhofe R-OK YES $938,853    
Isakson R-GA YES  $1,227,649   
Johnson R-WI YES $489,435    
King I-ME YES  $74,515    
Kirk R-IL YES $718,270  
Klobuchar D-MN YES $720,592    
Lankford R-OK YES $226,040    
Lee R-UT YES $77,950   
McCain R-AZ    YES  $4,496,004    
McCaskill D-MO YES  $383,024    
McConnell R-KY YES $3,373,204    
Moran R-KS YES  $2,284,551    
Nelson D-FL YES $873,540    
Perdue R-GA  YES  $489,830    
Peters D-MI    YES    $238,147    
Portman R-OH YES $1,011,940    
Risch R-ID YES  $367,154    
Roberts R-KS YES $2,808,111 
Rounds R-SD YES $258,600    
Rubio R-FL YES $1,141,265    
Sasse R-NE YES  $329,935    
Scott R-SC YES  $403,300    
Shaheen D-NH YES $167,474 
Sessions R-AL YES $927,652    
Shelby R-AL YES $843,957
Stabenow D-MI YES $1,565,978    
Thune R-SD YES $1,900,160    
Tillis R-NC YES $437,750 
Toomey R-PA YES $682,904       
Vitter R-LA YES $657,365
Wicker R-MS YES $789,690    
TOTAL YES:$58,991,192 
AVERAGE YES: $867,518

Durbin D-IL

Not Voting $951,130         
Manchin D-WV Not Voting $196,850
Warner D-VA Not Voting $518,317

TAKE ACTION: Call your Senators at 888-897-0174 to tell them what you think of their votes!


-Alexis for the OCA team

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