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shopping cart in backgroundConsumers have wised up to the evils of GMO foods. But Monsanto’s GMOs aren’t just in our foods. Only about 20 percent of all GMO crops in the U.S. are used to make (junk) food for humans—the other 80 percent go into animal feed, ethanol and cotton. Globally, the overwhelming majority of all cotton, much of it used to make cheap clothes, is GMO.

By exercising our collective purchasing power, and using the power of boycotts, consumers can force corporations to transition from degenerative production methods that harm human health, degrade soils, pollute the environment, abuse animals, shift profits from small farmers to large corporations, destroy biodiversity, exploit “cheap labor” and promote global warming . . . to regenerative production methods that:

• improve human health
• restore soil health
• respect the environment
• treat animals humanely
• reward responsible farmers
• promote biodiversity
• treat/pay food and clothing workers fairly; and
• combat global warming.

Want to be part of the #ConsumerRevolution? Sign the pledge!

1.    Food: I pledge to buy food produced using organic/regenerative practices that prohibit the use of GMOs, pesticides or antibiotics, and restore soil organic matter. I will boycott brands that promote highly processed GMO junk foods, and brands that sell animal products, including dairy, produced on factory farms where animals are fed GMO corn, soy and cottonseed, and pumped full of antibiotics and growth hormones.

2.    Clothing: I pledge to change my clothes-buying habits by buying less not more; by seeking out clothing, fiber and textiles produced using regenerative, organic, natural and fair labor practices, especially those produced by small farmers and producers; by avoiding synthetic fabrics which pollute the ocean, marine life and the food chain; and by shopping at recycled clothing stores when possible. I will boycott stores that support Monsanto’s GMO cotton monocropping and promote a culture of “cheap, fast fashion” made in sweatshops.

3.    Fuel/Transportation: I pledge to walk more, bicycle, carpool and use more public transportation in an effort to reduce the amount of Monsanto’s GMO ethanol fuel I consume. I will check out this website to find out if there are any ethanol-free gas stations near me:

4.    Consumer activism: I pledge to support consumer marketplace pressure campaigns, by joining in boycotts, emailing/writing company executives, posting on company social media pages, and just generally harassing companies whose practices poison, pollute and persecute (workers and animals). I will periodically check out this webpage for updates on key #ConsumerRevolution campaigns:

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5235 3 weeks ago Anonymous Howard, KS Thank you for all your wonderful work. We are grateful for you.
5234 2 months ago Marvin Stotz Maineville, OH
5233 3 months ago Noah Plofker New York, NY
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5225 4 months ago Torrean Smith Asheville, NC
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